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Follow the Semois through the woods around Laiche (with viewpoints!)

Some rocks? Check! Walking along a beautiful river? Check! Passing on a path through the fields and a picturesque village? Double check! This hike takes you along the river Semois in Laiche. You follow it for about 10 km through the woods, fields, and beautiful lanes around the village. We shortened the original ‘Dolmen route’ a bit to keep it feasible with the kids. It took us about 3 hours. A very nice trip on a sunny day.

The walk is beautiful in autumn with the colorful forests and the reflection on the water. Our boys also enjoy stopping at the river each time. One stretch along the river is just a bit more challenging, though. Here you have to be agile and wear sturdy walking shoes. Which makes us call them average in difficulty. Our children of 7 and 9 could handle them with ease. This hike starts in the village of Laiche. You can park here or you can leave from Lacuisine. This adds about 3 km.

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The route starts past a private castle and its beautiful grounds. From here you walk along a footpath into the forest. The walk is about 7 to 8 km through the forest. Periodically you stop or walk along narrow paths next to the river. Along the way, you can also stop a few times at the water’s edge. 

You will also notice some “back and forth” paths on the map at a number of points. These lead to some additional (higher) vantage points. They are definitely worthwhile. But you can also skip them if the climb and later descent into the forest are too difficult.

kids next to the Semois
Viewpoint on top of a hill (extra!)

The last stretch you walk out of the forest. You walk along a beautiful lane and past some typical Gaumaise buildings. Then it goes through the fields (and very briefly on a busy road) back to the starting point in the village.

We have already enjoyed this hike and found it definitely doable with children. Some rocks and stretches along the water can be slippery. Therefore, we recommend this hike on a sunny and dry day. The bit through the fields is unsheltered. So a cap and sufficient protection are definitely required there.

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Laiche (near rue du Breux and Rue le Ménil)
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  • walking near the river
  • amazing views on the river and forests below
  • beautiful village views

Length and difficulty

10 km – 2-3 hours – difficulty: moderate

Distance from Lacuisine

3,2 km – 5 min by car
You can also walk to the starting point and add approximately 5 km to the itinerary. You would be skipping the last part back to the original starting point.

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