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Experienced rider René has written up some breathtaking rides in the area for you. Explore the side of Belgium with a drive to Bastogne or ride through the vast sunflower fields towards Verdun. The rides are ideal for those who like to take their time and make quiet day trips. You can consult all the rides on this page. You can also download them via the app MyRoute.

Along the Belgo-Luxembourg border to Bastogne

This tour takes you through a piece of history. You’ll drive along the Belgian-Luxembourg border in Martelange to Bastogne. Can you spot one of the old border posts? Also, this is an ideal ride to fill up at one of the many gas stations in Luxembourg. In Martelange, you can make a stop at Moulin Kuborn – the old water mill on the Sûre, Église Saint-Martin and the old chapel Saint-Donat. Along the way you’ll start noticing the traces of the fierce battle at the end of World War II. Do you have a little time? Then a visit to the museum about the Second World War in Bastogne is a must. Or just stroll around in this lovely town. Escape the crowds for a while in the Parc Naturel Haute Sûre Forêt D’Anlier. There are several walks along your route.

Folow the Semois and the Meuse to Givet

Drive to beautiful commune Givet just across the border from France. Givet is located in the heart of the French Ardennes. This part of France was once Walloon. You can still hear it in the local dialect. This is where the Meuse flows into Belgium. The rocks around the valley are spectacular. Nature reserve la Réserve naturelle nationale de la pointe de Givet on the Belgian-French border is an ideal place to recover from your trip. With its 354 ha it is also one of the largest nature reserves in the region.

Through the vineyards to the city of cultur Reims

Halfway between Luxembourg and Paris, you’l find a hidden gem: Reims. The city is best known for its cathedral, champagne and beautiful architecture. But Reims is home to many beautiful city parks. They are beautifully maintained, well laid out and therefore ideal for a picnic and to take a break from your journey. But also the way there, along the vast nature and through the vineyards is phenomenal.