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la trottinette

living and traveling in Luxemburg

vacation home in the Gaume

a cosy home for six people near the Semois

Explore the region

Petra vertelt - kikker

Storytime with Petra vertelt

Once upon a time… la trottinette went on a journey with fairies and other stories. Practice your Dutch by listening to these classic fairy tales.

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wandeling trou des fées

Visit the fairies in Etalle

Discover the home of the fairies during the walk "Le Trou des Fées". Through different assignments you'll explore the sand caves and learn about the fairies and their magical powers.

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Looking for a getaway? Vacation home Arel in Florenville offers everything for a great and carefree stay for six people Discover your options.

Luxemburg has a lot of beautiful hiking trails. A lot of beautiful, historic cities are nearby. Tag along on kid-friendly walks and explore the region with us

Once upon a time… la trottinette went on another journey. With Petra vertelt I translate your favourite stories into an accessible and understandable (Flemish) Dutch.