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Charge up your ride with our EV charger

Traveling with an electric vehicle? Don’t worry about your battery. We provide a charging station in front of the hous. While your car is recharging, you can relax and enjoy everything the Gaume has to offer. You can use almost any charging card thanks to our partnership with E-Flux. Our charging station has a capacity of 3.6 kW, perfect for charging your electric vehicle during your stay. Just make sure you bring your own charge cable.


We have a two-rate system for using the charge point:

  • a rate of € 0.40 per kW consumed
  • a rate of € 0.40 per hour

The hourly rate aims to encourage efficient use of the charging station. Are you a guest with us? Let us know and we will refund you the hourly rate.

Please note: the final cost may depend on the conditions of your own provider or charging pass. Most major cards are supported. If you don’t have a charging pass, you can scan the QR code on the charging station to pay.

EV charger Type 2 and garage for storage

How to use the charger

We kindly ask users of the charging station to park their car on the side (i.e. not like the car in the picture). This makes it easier for other guests to access the charging station or holiday home.

  1. Connect your own cable to your car.
  2. Attach the cable to the charging station.
  3. Use your EV card or scan the E-Flux code on the charging station.

If you have any questions or comments about our charging station, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help.