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The Triple Treat Hike: drinks, a charming village, and nature!

Don’t want to choose between refreshing drinks, strolling through a village, or a hike along the river? Why not have all three? Our trail, spanning 5.69 km, melds these elements together perfectly. It’s a great way to uncover some splendid nature, without over-exerting yourself. We’re also quite fond of the village and can’t wait to share some fantastic spots with you. Ready for a hike? Let’s go!

The hike starts at the hotel-restaurant Aux Comptes de Chiny at the picturesque ‘Pont du Moulin Cambier’. The entire spot is a photographer’s dream, offering breathtaking views of the river. On a sunny day, you’ll definitely spot several kayakers or even horses crossing the river.


Drinks with a view

Stroll along the Semois river on your right, with lush forests on your left. Thirsty? Enjoy a local brew or grab a bite at Le Moulin Cambier’s terrace. This watermill, tucked away in Chiny, has been transformed into a charming restaurant. Here, you can select from a range of dishes made from fresh, local ingredients while soaking up the beautiful views of the Semois River. The terrace is particularly popular for dining, offering a splendid view of the river.

Continue your journey through open meadows, leading you into Chiny. As you walk through its picturesque streets, you’ll find its charm irresistible. Upon reaching the water again, indulge in a drink at the hotel/restaurant Aux Comtes De Chiny. In the summer, enjoy a brilliant view of the river, the departing kayakers, and the gorgeous bridge. Don’t forget to try their delicious hot chocolate on chillier days.

This hike is a delightful and manageable adventure, just right for exploring the region. Up for more? We strongly recommend adding the ‘Rocher du Hat’ viewpoint to your itinerary before waving goodbye to Chiny. Trust us, it’s a sight you don’t want to miss! Ready to hike, sip, and soak in the marvels of Chiny? Here’s to unforgettable experiences!

Let's go


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Rue de l’Embarcadère 35, 6810 Chiny


  • amazing views of the river
  • ideal for less experienced hikers
  • child-friendly and manageable with a sturdy stroller
  • great stops along the way

Length and difficulty

5,69 km – 1:33 hours – difficulty: easy

Distance from Lacuisine

5,3 km – 7 min by car

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