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Once upon a time… La Trottinette went on a journey with fairies and other stories. I really enjoy reading them to my two little sons. But classic fairy tales often tend to be a bit old-fashioned. Sometimes the language is incredibly difficult to understand for children. That’s how Petra vertelt originates. I decided to ‘translate’ classic and well-known stories into accessible and understandable (Flemish) Dutch. I hope you’ll enjoy listening to them and maybe you’ll even be able to practice or learn some Dutch while doing it.

doornroosje slaapt

Sleeping Beauty

The king and queen throw a big party for the birth of Princess Aurora. But they don’t invite one fairy. Unhappy that she is excluded, she curses little Aurora. Can the other fairies still save the princess?

Vrouw Holle voor haar huisje

Mother Hulda

Enter the enchanted world of Frau Holle, where even magic needs a helping hand now and then during the big clean-up. Will she get the help she needs?

De drie biggetjes

Three piglets

The three little piglets must learn to stand on their own two feet. But can they do that? Or are they too used to “Hotel Mommy”? The three little piglets is a very old fairy tale. We know it thanks to Joseph Jacobs’ version. My husband and sons made this more modern version with a …

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de vliegende koffer

The flying suitcase

The young man in this story really can’t handle money. He inherited a fortune from his father. But before he realizes it, all the money is gone. He is broke when a friend gifts him a flying suitcase. He then sets out to find a solution to his misery. But will he find one?

Sneeuwwitje en Rozerood

Snowwhite en Rosered

Snow White and Rose Red  (Schneeweißchen und Rosenrot) are inseparable. They are also very sweet and help everyone who comes their way. Until a very angry dwarf reacts very ungrateful every time. How far can the dwarf drive them?