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Art and nature on the ‘Path of Dreams’

Are you looking for a short, relaxing walk in the vicinity of Lacuisine? Then this hike along the “Dream Trail” in Herbeumont is a great idea. You’ll hike around 1.6 km along a well-developed path along the Antrogne, over small bridges and through the forest. The path is well laid out and accessible to wheelchairs, pushchairs and bicycles. Along the way, you will come across various wooden works of art ” dream catchers ” made by local artists.

dromenpad_zicht semois_600_400

Valley of the Antrogne

The walk is situated in the valley of the Antrogne, a river that flows into the Semois 2 km further on. You’ll gat a splendid view of this river thanks to the enchanting meanders and little bridges along the way. We enjoyed the peace and quiet in the forest. The walk is extra magical in autumn with the beautiful fall colours. But also lovely on a hot summer day, thanks to the several stops along the river where you can swim and paddle.

Een kunstwerk onderweg op het dromenpad

Magical forests in la Lorraine Gaumaise​

La Lorraine Gaumaise – Gaums Lorraine – is, according to the myth, a magical and enchanting place. In a previous post, we already described to the local legend of the fairies and their fairy caves in Étalle. A number of artists found inspiration in these legends to create several works of art out of willow wood. You can find these artworks along the trail. Some of the works fit so well into the landscape that you might even walk past them.

Would you like to keep on dreaming on your hikes? Continue along the “Dreaming path” in Montmédy (France) near the citadel or in Virton in the Zigomars’ lair.

Info & tips

The itinerary

Location / starting point

Rue de Plannois, 6887 Herbeumont
GPS coordinates: lat. 49° 46′ 20″ – lon. 5° 15′ 18″


  • magnificent view of the valley and meanders of the Antrogne
  • well laid out path – suitable for buggies, wheelchairs and bikes
  • works of art ” Sensors of dreams ” at various locations along the way

Length & difficulty

1.6 km, approximately 1 hour walk, accessible with a buggy or wheelchair with solid wheels

Want to hike longer? Download the app Viewranger in advance or take a map of the region with you. That way you can easily extend your walk.

Distance from la trottinette (Lacuisine)

10 km – 15 min by car

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