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Let’s go kayaking on the Semois

The Semois is an ideal river to go kayaking. Even for beginners. Between Chiny and Chassepierre the river is quiet and not too deep. This way, you can enjoy the beautiful nature and your company. During your trip, you will have several opportunities to stop for a picnic or a break.

Near Florenville, there are two rental companies: le Batifol at the Pont Saint-Nicolas and Kayak-Chiny. You can rent a kayak for one of the three routes along the Semois (Chiny – Lacuisine, Chiny -Florenville or Chiny – Chassepierre). Of course you can always bring your own kayak. Most kayaks have two to three seats and you usually pay per person. Once arrived at your destination, someone from the rental company will pick you and your kayak up and take you back to the starting point. One of the stops is near our house in Lacuisine at the plage de Lacuisine. You can swim here or let the children play in the playground. 

map with the different stops along the Semois

Tips for an enjoyable trip

  • Don’t go kayaking alone. Together is more fun and much safer.
  • Reserve your kayak or canoe in time, especially in the high season.
  • Rent a barrel to store your equipment. Everything gets wet!
  • Take some plastic bags with you if you like to keep your smartphone or camera with you.
  • Bring a set of dry clothes (in the barrel or ashore).
  • Bring plenty of drinks, a hat, and sunscreen.
  • Watch out for rocks under the water and try to steer around them.
  • Last but not least: go with the flow and have fun!
picture of some people kayaking on the Semois

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Info & tips

Rental companies

Kayak Chiny:
Kayak le Batifol:

Starting point (with your rental kayak)

  • Pont Saint-Nicolas – next to camping Le Canada, 6810 Chiny
  • Embarcadère (next to the pedestrian bridge) – Rue de Cornicelles 1, Chiny


  • A picnic along the way
  • A lovely (cool/cold) swim at the Lacuisine Plage
  • A small waterfall between Lacuisine and Florenville


Chiny – Lacuisine:
Pont Saint-Nicolas: 12 km – 2 hours
Embarcadère: 8 km – 1 hour

Chiny – Florenville:        
Pont Saint-Nicolas: 16 km –  2.30 hours
Embarcadère: 12 km – 1.30 hours

afvaart Chiny – Chassepierre:
Pont Saint-Nicolas: 26 km – 5 hours
Embarcadère: 22 km – 4 hours

Distance la trottinette (Lacuisine)

5,2 km – 6 min by car of 20 min by bike

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