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Refreshing walk through the river in Clairfontaine

Looking for a nice way to spend your day during these warm days? It’s always a great idea to venture into the forest to cool down a bit. This wonderfully refreshing walk along (and through) the river Eisch near Arlon is one of our favorites. The entire walk is shaded and partly through the Eisch. Take some time to hang out and relax. You’ll cross the border between Belgium (Clairfontaine) and Luxembourg (Eischen) a few times and get a little history on the way.

Your hike starts at the Rue du Cloître. Take the small path (no. 2 on the map) right behind the abbey. During this walk, you’ll cross the river Eisch regularly. This hike is about 4 km long and runs through 2 countries: Belgium (Clairfontaine – Arlon) and Luxemburg (Eischen). The water is quite shallow (and freezing!). Ideal to dip your feet. splash each other or build a dam. If you want to do this, we’d highly recommend wearing water sandals since the pebbles can be quite sharp.

Tijl playing in the water in Clairfontaine

The river Eisch is surrounded by a rich and varied nature, but you’ll also find several historical elements. Look for the iconic landmarks to indicate the border between Belgium and Luxembourg. Halfway, you’ll notice the old dam. It was built after 14-18 to supply Arlon and Steinfort with water. Unfortunately the water in the river turned out to be too shallow and the project was abandoned. Nowadays these buildings host a colony of protected bats.

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Rue du Cloître, 6700 Arlon (Clairfontaine)
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  • River Millebaach and the Eisch (option to dip your feet!)
  • the former border posts
  • the old dam
  • the bat colony

Length and difficulty

4.13 km – easy

Distance from Lacuisine

51 km – 45 min by car

Expand your hike

La Transfrontalière is the second of three walks through Clairfontaine designed by Arlon Tourisme. We love it because it runs largely along the Eisch. It is wonderfully fresh and fun, even for children.

The first walk ‘le plateau de la sorcière‘ starts at the other side of the road at the Sacré-Coeur Abbey. You immediately go uphill towards the Karlsberg. You also walk along a piece of a nature reserve and among the sheep.

The third tour Through the Fields is 3.8 km long. The first part of the path is a bit hidden and overgrown. Afterwards, you walk through the woods and then between the fields in Clairfontaine and Sterpenich.

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