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Visiting a museum with children can be… challenging. No matter how nice the collection is, they don’t always want to join in or, worse, they really don’t understand it. During our visit to the Archaeological Museum of Arlon (Musée Archéologique d’Arlon), we found a nice solution: the box MuséoJeux from Môm’Art. These 12 cards contained fun assignments to discover the museum together. Although the set is only available in French, they are definitely worth a try.

First of all: no, Môm’Art doesn’t pay me to write this. They don’t even know I’m making a blogpost about these cards. Everything I write is my personal opinion. I simply discovered the cards by chance during my visit to the Archaeological Museum of Arlon and decided to try them out. My two sons (5 and 7) are interested in history but they love a discovery or scavenger hunt even more. But, like a lot of boys of their age, they’re also easily distracted, especially when they’re not stimulated. So I wanted something to stimulate them during our visit.

Let’s start exploring

The boys loved the assignments and looking for specific things from the collection. Admittedly, I couldn’t keep them entertained during the entire museum visit. Mainly because I needed some time to prepare it properly. But they asked a lot of questions about the exhibits and discovered some things about Arlon’s Gallo-Roman past. Overall, I am very happy with our purchase and I will certainly use the muséocartes more often.

What I love about these cards

  • You can use them in a museum obviously, but they’re also great in other locations such as the park or even at home.
  • These cards are universal: they’re not shaped to fit one museum but you can take them anywhere and find something fun to do.
  • The activities stimulate you and your family to really explore the museum. You might even notice things you’d otherwise never notice.
  • They add interactivity to your visit in an easy and accessible way.
  • The assignments are diverse and suitable for different ages.


  • … these cards are only available in French. But that might be a good practice, right?
  • The ‘muséovue’ – a kind of viewer you need for an assignment – is not included. You still have to craft it yourself. You also need paper and pencils to do all the assignments.
  • It’s best to read everything through in advance so you don’t have to search for an assignment on the spot.

Would you like to order your own set ?

The set consists of 12 ‘muséocartes’ with different activities and a blindfold. The museum lent us their ‘muséovue’ to view certain objects in detail. You can also easily craft this at home from a cardboard tube. You can find all the information on

Not convinced that a (French) set of cards will make the difference during your visit to the museum? Or you just don’t feel like going outside with the kids in these dark months? Check out Kids in Museums. They offer a lot of tips and fun activities to do with your kids, all COVID-friendly off course.

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