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Gaume Motorcycle Tours

Eager to explore Gaume and beyond on your trusty two-wheeler? Motard René shares three breathtaking tours through the scenic surroundings! Venture to Bastogne via Martelange, soak up culture in the champagne city of Reims, or immerse yourself in nature with a trip to Givet – the heart of the French Ardennes largest natural reserve. These leisurely day tours are perfect for those who prefer a relaxed pace. Plus, store your bikes safely in our garage during your stay! Download your favourite route via the MyRoute app and let the adventure begin!

Along the Belgian-Luxembourg Border to Bastogne

Embark on a journey through history with this captivating motorcycle tour along the Belgian-Luxembourg border, from Martelange to Bastogne. Keep an eye out for the old border markers as you ride! Be sure to refuel at one of the many petrol stations along the border, too.

Take a break in Martelange and visit the historic Moulin Kuborn – an old watermill on the Sûre River, the Église Saint-Martin, and the ancient Saint-Donat chapel. As you continue your journey, you’ll notice the remnants of the fierce battles fought at the end of World War II.

If time permits, we highly recommend visiting the World War II museum in Bastogne, or simply strolling through this charming town. For a tranquil escape from the bustling streets, explore the Parc Naturel Haute Sûre Forêt D’Anlier, which offers various picturesque walking trails along your route.

Cruise Along the Semois and Meuse Rivers to Givet

Journey to the picturesque town of Givet, nestled just across the border in France’s stunning Ardennes region. Once a part of Wallonia, traces of its heritage can still be heard in the local dialect. Here, the Meuse River flows into Belgium, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding cliffs and valleys.

Take a breather and soak up the beauty of la Réserve naturelle nationale de la pointe de Givet, located on the Belgian-French border. Spanning 354 hectares, it’s one of the largest natural reserves in the area, making it the perfect spot to unwind and appreciate the serene landscape after your exhilarating ride.

Discover Reims: A halfway gem between Luxembourg and Paris

Nestled halfway between Luxembourg and Paris, the enchanting city of Reims awaits. Renowned for its awe-inspiring cathedral, exquisite champagne, and striking architecture, Reims is a must-see destination. The city boasts beautifully maintained and thoughtfully designed parks, perfect for picnicking and relaxing after your exhilarating journey.

But it’s not just the destination that’s phenomenal – the journey there is equally captivating. As you ride towards Reims, you’ll be greeted by expansive landscapes and picturesque vineyards that make the entire experience truly unforgettable.